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All of our Commercial Embroidery Machine come with a 5-year warranty.

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Premium embroidery machines, reliable performance, durable designs, expert repair services, comprehensive maintenance, efficient installations, tailored solutions, guaranteed satisfaction.


In-depth courses, hands-on guidance, skilled instructors, beginner to advanced levels, comprehensive learning materials, efficient techniques, personalized instruction, maximizing machine potential.

Customer Support

Responsive assistance, knowledgeable staff, effective troubleshooting, friendly service, personalized care, prompt responses, dedicated to customer success, comprehensive guidance.

Clients Feedback

I got my embroidery machine last night! Thanks RJ The PX1500s looks good! OMG I love this machine.
Kim J
Did not know what I was doing after I paid for this thing 🙁 But I called the 833 number and they help me every step of the way and I mean every step of the way. And now i can run with the best of them.. 🙂
Dave B
High quality embroidery machine here! I give it a 5 star rating! I got 2 of the Stitchero PX1500s 15 Needle Embroidery Machine and Im 100% happy!!!
Bill Jones
I got one last year and it's running like the day I got It.. Stitchero is the one to buy!
So it's been 3 months and its time to add a machine to the team. PX1500 is the way to go. Don't get the BAI machine it is trash.. 🙁
Just Call Them! Talk to Rj if you can he will get you the best price. I'm on day 15 with my PX1500s and i have talked to RJ every day. He as been the best and has took the time to help me learn how to use this embroidery machine.. The price is amazing but the customer service is priceless!
Dimitri A
I got one. I will come back after I get my machine and let you guys know how my experience was.
Big J
this machine is amazing it runs so perfect I had a little learning curve but once I got it I got it. get a stitchero you can thank me later.
Judy b
I had to come back and say how happy I am with the Stitchero X-series. I can take it with me and work on the go. Its time to get a second machine and I'm getting the Stitchero PX1500s Embroidery Machine...
Mark A
This machine is a beast, it can handle any job you throw at it I'm not joking around if you're going buy a embroidery machine STOP NOW THIS IS THE PLACE TO BUY FROM!
This machine is the best! I not only got 1 I came back and got 2 more Px1500. If you got the money get it now before the sale ends. I paid $10,500 for 1 and i just paid for 2 at this price it's a steal..
Amy F

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